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uFonken and Amp Camp Amp

Over the summer of 2014 Elisabeth came and I helped her to build a set of uFonken bass reflex speakers (the design is available here) and another Amp Camp Amp, this time using printed circuit boards.

All the wood pieces were straight cuts and done on a bansaw:

We cut and glued soft cork to the inside of the enclosure pieces: 

It came together with glue like this.  Note, the circular hole for the speaker driver was cut with a table scrollsaw, which is a great little tool:

We also glued soft cork onto the flat surface on the back of the driver, to help absorb some of those reflected waves: 

The Amp Camp Amp PBC's looked a lot tidier than my strip board incarnation:

The workbench was a bit messy though :)

Elisabeth spent quite a bit of time sanding and finishing: 

The finished set looked great :)

The sound was pretty reasonable for these little enclosures, but lacking a bit of bass response.  I've since made some newer transmissions lines for the same small drivers which are better - but you can't expect too much from such small and cheap drivers.  I'm just a snob!  These are portable and travelled back to Norway in a suitcase :)