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My friend Richard Sewell gave me a large fragment of glass.  Apparently, a glass factory went bust and left their crucible to cool.  This was then wrecked by demolition, leaving large shards of glass around the site.

I had made a few attempts to include this glass as the feature of a lamp.  My first attempt was a 'smart lamp' which animated the light to communicate the time.  However the smart features seemed to detract from the glass itself.  This latest version simply presents the glass, and the glass can be easily removed to be handled.

The lamp uses a 12 watt warm light LED.  The LED brightness is limited by a mechanical iris salvaged from a scientific microscope.  The base is made from olive wood (chopping board off cuts).  The LED is mounted on an aluminium ATX heatsink salvaged from an office computer.  The glass is held up by 5mm diameter aluminium tubes.