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I am a practicing artist, academic researcher/lecturer and freelance creative technologist based in Bristol UK.  You can find out more about me here.  I can provide participatory workshops on Interaction Design and/or Robotics, as well as public speaking on Creative Technology and the surrounding themes.  I am available for project work.

Recent posts

Digital Clock

I made a digital clock as a quick project, using up some scrap olive wood. 

I also set flush a piece of tinted glass into the surface of the wood.  This is quite easy with a CNC router.  The glass is from a pair of sunglasses found in waste. 


My friend Richard Sewell gave me a large fragment of glass.  Apparently, a glass factory went bust and left their crucible to cool.  This was then wrecked by demolition, leaving large shards of glass around the site.

I had made a few attempts to include this glass as the feature of a lamp.  My first attempt was a 'smart lamp' which animated the light to communicate the time.  However the smart features seemed to detract from the glass itself.  This latest version simply presents the glass, and the glass can be easily removed to be handled.

The lamp uses a 12 watt warm light LED.  The LED brightness is limited by a mechanical iris salvaged from a scientific microscope.  The base is made from olive wood (chopping board off cuts).  The LED is mounted on an aluminium ATX heatsink salvaged from an office computer.  The glass is held up by 5mm diameter aluminium tubes.

Lasagne Press

This is an ordinary pasta machine put on its side to use the lasagne roller as a print press.  

An example print from this lasagne press. This was from a copper plate I etched at home. 

Arcadia Metamorphosis Spiders Teaser

Making of Arcadia Metamorphosis Spiders

Neutral Puppet Training

Drawing Robot v2

I have been working on a new drawing robot.  I am now working on version 4, so I thought it was a good idea to document what happened with version 2.  Version 3 only made it half way through development before I decided to move on to a very different approach. 
The idea is to make the robot able to respond to the material qualities of drawing, such as the roughness of a surface or the hardness of pencils, etc.  Ordinary pen plotters, such as the AxiDraw, cannot do this.  Pen plotters are typically designed to be very precise drawing machines, receiving movement instructions from a computer and then following them.  In effect, a pen plotter has no idea if it even has a pen or if it is touching the drawing surface - it just does what it is told to do.  In contrast, the drawing robot I am working on will have a higher level of autonomy and intelligence.  Ultimately, I want the drawing robot to respond to the materials by itself.  To do this, the robot needs to have sensors to both perce…

How We Make Soft Robotic Hearts

Heartfelt: Test audience

How Avant-Garde Robots will Help us Survive this Century

Fellow Rusty Squid Ltd. co-founder David McGoran recently gave a TEDx talk in Bristol, covering some of the ideas behind the work of studio.  Here is the video:


Poetry: Sketches 1

I made my own book of poetry, collecting together the poems I wrote during 2017.  I produced the book as a limited edition of 10 copies.  Each book has the same seven poems.

I typed all the poems on an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, which was surprisingly exhausting but meditative.

For the cover I used a heavy Somerset black paper from St. Cuthberts Mill (no longer produced).  I hand stitched the book binding.    

I used a paper called Tyvek which has an beautiful translucent quality.  

I read the following two at Milk Poetry's Spotlight open mic night at the Crofters Rights, Bristol:

One Shot, Eternity

Passing by, bewildered and confused and
it's all over too quickly; hitting fast.
We can't look it in the face, we live now,
burning bright, just like rockets set for stars,
burning up, consumed by ourselves as we
try to make sense of it all, just peering
through a tiny window of time, as it
passes by, and leaves us dislocated;
free of the burden of the knowledge of
what it…

Air Muscle Research

Projected Algorithms

Story Machine