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Transmission Line Speakers Version 1

For my first attempt I used the transmission line calculator available here, which I've since learned is not a very good calculator according to the folk at  You're better off looking at the papers by MJ King.  However, for a first pair of speakers they turned out pretty good I think!

I bought these full range drivers from user anitaydavid on ebay:

I made straight cuts into 18mm MDF, but not that straight.  So I clamped them together and sanded them 'flat'.

Early tests of the build:

Dimensions of the cut out required for the driver on the face:

It actually needed a notch to fit the wire terminals through:

I sanded the hole to a rounded edge, giving a good clearance behind the driver but a flush face to the front contact point:

Gluing the segments together:

Some holes at the back for the speaker terminals:

I used some thick compressed card, it may even be thin MDF, taken from the top of a shipping pallet of a supermarket, to create a curved surface directly behind the driver.  I steamed this over a cookpot in the kitchen to make it soft before clamping and gluing:

Applying a sealant and primer to the MDF:

Placed some felt behind the driver and at the vent, stuffed it with sheeps wool: