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Transmission Line Speakers Version 2

My second pair of transmission line speakers.  I used the same principles as version 1, but built for Fostex 206EN drivers, which are much larger diameter, and have a lower resonant frequency.  The meant that overall the speaker enclosure was bigger in every way.

This time I used a bansaw with a guide for straight cuts (still not ideal):

Me checking measurements:

Drawing out a template:

The internal chamber, three folds this time:

The template routed out:

Routing ensues, 22 layers of 18mm ply:

Stacking them up.  It is surprisingly difficult to get it consistent.  Also, I wish I made the edges thicker:

Stacking them up, glued, and clamped:

These were the offcuts:

And there was a mountain of sawdust.  A router really chews through wood!

Marking the driver cut away:

And removed:

The pair:

Stuffing the line with sheeps wool:

Oiling the enclosure brought out a nice striped effect from the ply wood.   I used cheap ply though, so it could have been nicer:

I need to find a photo of the finished product!  They stood 1.2m tall.  Overall, I didn't like the sound at all.  I progressively opened the exit vent on the front of the enclosure and found a sweet spot, and continued cutting away material.  I only realised it was a sweet spot in retrospect!