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Poetry: Sketches 1

I made my own book of poetry, collecting together the poems I wrote during 2017.  I produced the book as a limited edition of 10 copies.  Each book has the same seven poems.

I typed all the poems on an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, which was surprisingly exhausting but meditative.

For the cover I used a heavy Somerset black paper from St. Cuthberts Mill (no longer produced).  I hand stitched the book binding.    

I used a paper called Tyvek which has an beautiful translucent quality.  

I read the following two at Milk Poetry's Spotlight open mic night at the Crofters Rights, Bristol:

One Shot, Eternity

Passing by, bewildered and confused and
it's all over too quickly; hitting fast.
We can't look it in the face, we live now,
burning bright, just like rockets set for stars,
burning up, consumed by ourselves as we
try to make sense of it all, just peering
through a tiny window of time, as it
passes by, and leaves us dislocated;
free of the burden of the knowledge of
what it is we're supposed to be doing.
One shot, one life, one passage through eternity.


No words to begin, none between, no end,
just golden perpetual sunshine, raining,
as hands move like shifting sands move like sighs move
between mouths wide open; no words, wordless.
All affectionate gestures, and the heart
beats between rhythms, no beginning, no end,
just endless wordless caresses, as the sun
reigns supreme; the warmth of two, touching,
gold, golden, glorious warmth and softness.
Hands pressed between bodies pressed between breaths left
between no beginning, no end; wordless.